Report of Incident or Concern

The Report of Incident or Concern is designed to enable faculty, staff and students to voluntarily report “red flag behaviors” or examples of misconduct that may raise concerns. An incident, in this context, is an event that raises concerns but is not an emergency that warrants immediate intervention.  In the event of an emergency that requires immediate intervention, call 911 or dial 479-575-2222 to contact University of Arkansas Police Department.

The Report of Incident or Concern will provide a mechanism for responding to individual incidents and will reveal patterns of disruptive behavior if they are present. It will also provide compiled data on the nature and frequency of disruptions. This report provides a standardized method for recording observations of troublesome behaviors and for alerting staff of potential concerns.

All members of the university community are encouraged to contact the BIT-TAT with concerns about distressing, disturbing, or disruptive behavior that they observe. 

In accordance with the University of Arkansas’ Code of Student Life, information provided in a Report of Incident or Concern form may also be considered in determining appropriate disciplinary action with students.

Feedback to Referring Individual

The BIT-TAT may provide feedback to the referring individual to inform them of resolution of the case and any ongoing follow-up in which they may need to be involved. All feedback regarding students will be in accordance with FERPA guidelines.

Record Keeping

All records of the BIT-TAT will be stored in a confidential database.


All reports made under this Policy will be handled in a confidential manner, with information released to the appropriate University office only on a need-to-know basis. The University is subject to the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (Arkansas Code Annotated § 25-19-101, et seq.) and any record pertaining to such reports kept by the University that is deemed a public record is subject to release if a proper request is made, and following review for applicable exemptions. Student education record information is protected from release under the federal Family Educational and Privacy Rights Act, as amended (“FERPA”). An individual’s protected health information on record with the University is subject to the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”). FERPA and HIPAA guidelines will govern the treatment of reporting information and records.

Retaliation Prohibited

The University prohibits retaliation against or harassment of individuals who act in good faith by reporting real or perceived violent behavior or violations of this Policy. Any member of the campus community who is found to have retaliated against another in violation of this Policy is subject to appropriate disciplinary action, including dismissal, under the University’s applicable disciplinary policies.