Assessment Process

The BIT-TAT will assess campus violence based on the following process:

  1. Receive initial report
  2. Identify threatening individual
  3. Threats screened by team members
  4. Conduct assessment as to threat level/seriousness
  5. Develop action plan (see below)
  6. Assign team member(s) to follow up on implementation plan
  7. Follow-up (see below)

Incident Follow-up

The BIT-TAT will continue to meet as often as required until the threat associated with reports of violence diminishes.

Reporting Process

The overall goal of the BIT-TAT is to promote a safe campus environment for all students and staff, one that focuses on student learning, development, and success. By encouraging all members of the campus community to report concerning behaviors, the BIT-TAT will be able to reach out to students or individuals to intervene, provide support, and connect them with resources that can assist them. As such, the BIT-TAT asks that the campus community report concerning “red flag behaviors.”